Perpigna Iban


Journalist & Photojournalist

After having received his high school diploma in the early years of 2000, Laurent headed towards the philosophy department of the University at Bordeaux.  But it was his different experiences in diverse associations that built his personality.  He spent the majority of his time in sports stadiums and in concert halls. Uninspired by the “university mold”, Laurent was hired by a big company of social services, so as to earn a living. But he quickly became bored with this job and its demands, and began to devote himself to writing and photography.


Sensitive to the question of the “stateless nations”, Laurent multiplied travels to understand those often forgotten populations that aspire to another future. After a first trip to Palestine in 2009, the Middle East, in general, became a great source of interest and inquiry for Laurent. Indeed that is where he made his debuts. He brought back many striking photos in which he immortalized faces and scenes of daily life, so that those impressions remain unforgettable and indelible in the collective memory.

Laurent carried out several stories in France and in Basque Country, but also in Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Palestine, Turkey, Rwanda…  He writes for various newspapers and magazines such as Orient XXI, Middle East Eye, Le Monde diplomatique, Revue Ballast… He's also a member of Hans Lucas Studio since 2018.

Today Laurent’s life continues between Bordeaux and Bilbao, but also on world routes, looking for other realities and other stories to tell.



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