Kurds voted on September of 2018 in parliamentary elections for the first time since 2013, an effort to kick-start a stagnant political scene in northern Iraq that has been beset by competing visions for the future of the autonomous region.

In front of a polling station, in Erbil, the 25 of September of 2018.


Iraq, September 30 of 2018.



The vote is the first since political infighting and a growing Islamic State threat shuttered the last parliament, setting off a fierce fight for control over the Kurdistan Regional Government between two dynastic political parties, the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

It is also the first time Kurds have gone to the polls after holding a referendum last year on independence from Iraq. Despite 94 percent of voters choosing to secede, the referendum failed to win international support and provoked a firm response from Baghdad that saw Kurdish territory and economic independence greatly reduced.

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