Walled Off

Palestine, 21 of March of 2018.


Contrary to widely publicized declarations about the dismantling of checkpoints, there remain about 100 checkpoints throughout the West Bank as well as permanent barriers at the entrances of Palestinian villages. These are meant to control and restrict the daily movement of Palestinians. Only 8 checkpoints are located on the 1967 demarcation line, known as the green line.

Nearly 80% of the Separation Barrier is not located on the green line itself. The barrier carves its way deep into the West Bank, leaving Israeli settlements on one side and creating enclaves which enclose hundreds of thousands of acres of Palestinian agricultural land which account for nearly 9% of the West Bank.

Vast areas in the Jordan Valley, home to tens of thousands of Palestinians, have been declared as military firing zones. Palestinian residents and their livestock are prevented from moving freely in the Jordan Valley. They are cut off from water sources and live at the whim of military orders to vacate their villages, and are victims of frequent demolitions.

Many roads in the West Bank are designated for use by Israelis only. Palestinians are prohibited from travelling these roads, even those built on privately owned Palestinian lands expropriated “for their benefit”.  

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