On the Turkish-Syrian border, a Kurdish commune waits nervously (Middle East Eye)

The bumpy, country road to Jarudiyah shouldn’t be tense, but it is. From the dirt track a village, Kebeli, can be seen on the Turkish side of the border where a military outpost is positioned.

“We are at range of their mortar bombs and even light weapons,” a passenger in the car says.

Jarudiyah is a little hamlet sheltering about 1,500 inhabitants. It was one of the first places to be shelled at the beginning of the Turkish offensive dubbed Operation Spring of Peace, which was launched on 9 October.

Though an early target, Jarudiyah is currently free of fire. At Washington’s behest, Turkey agreed on Friday to halt its offensive and allow Kurdish fighters to withdraw.

Laurent Perpigna Iban © Tous droits réservés